Mounting Instructions

  1. Loosely mount all hardware
  2. Pick best final location for front post.
    Best position is 1/8” from crank tower if possible,
    Do not to be closer than 6” from the boat
  3. Install all side posts brackets.
    Move side post mounting brackets until the side post is set in the back of the side post pocket of the panel, tighten the bolts hand tight so it does not move, repeat on all side posts.
  4. Set the “U” bolt anchor with the “D” ring attached by passing the “D” ring strap from the side panel thru the anchor strap and back toward the side panel by 1” or so and tighten the nuts while keeping tension on the panel to keep it flat, the tensioning cinch can be used to do this.
  5. When final position is located, tighten all the hardware in place.
  6. Clip and tighten all Belly straps.

Note: When properly installed, the side panels will be flat and smooth.

  • Do not over tighten the hardware.
  • Do not over tighten the rope cinch as this will cause damage later on.
  • Check hardware on a regular basis to make sure it stays securely in place.